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Diet supplement pills with a natural humic acid content

What are humates, also referred to as humic substances?
Humates are organic macro-molecules that have a special ...


Diet supplement pills with a natural humic acid content

What are humates, also referred to as humic substances?
Humates are organic macro-molecules that have a special complexing property. The complexed micro-elements that are vital for the human organism are better absorbed and made use of in the body than those in inorganic compounds.
Humates include the biologically valuable humic acids and fulvic acids. HUMICINÆ contains both. These materials are extracted from peat derived from carboniferous plants applying a patented technology.
The identification of the effects of humates is a dynamically growing field of health sciences.

Humic acids have been observed to show the following effects:
• Stimulate the immune system in certain preparations.
• Help liver regeneration.
• Antibacterial activity and antiviral effect.
• Provide a remedy for some allergies (e.g. hay fever).
• Accelerate the healing of wounds.
• Block the growth of tumor cells.
• Increase the skin’s natural protection against UV radiation.
• Reduce inflammation (e.g. arthritis).
• Provide protection from radiation disease and heavy metal contamination (e.g. mercury, lead).
• Increase red blood cell generation.
• When administered together with vitamin C, vitamin C is an ideal complement to humates. Vitamin C gives protection from oxidation damage, is efficacious in several detoxification processes, and plays a key role in the structure and regeneration of all kinds of cells and tissues. This is crucial to provide and maintain the solidity and the composition of basal membranes in the walls of blood vessels and similar connective tissue structures.

HUMICINÆ is more than a preparation with different trace elements.

The HUMICINÆ product group provides the essential trace elements, which, due to today’s eating habits, are not readily available for the body, bonded to humic acids. Compared to currently marketed preparations, it has the following advantages:
• It greatly helps the absorption of trace elements from the intestinal canal, since it contains them in an organic form.
• It contains humic acid, which has a beneficial effect in itself.
• It is hypoallergenic, so it does not burden the immune system.
• It is free from grains, soy, isolated sugar, artificial colouring agents, flavours and preservatives.
• The bonding material is natural honey.
• Each product contains one trace element only.

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Chromium is bonded in a complex form in the humic acid based preparation enriched with chromium. Chromium plays an active role in the body’s carbohydrate metabolism. The humic acids in the preparation contribute to the use of trace elements taken in with food.

What is chromium’s role in the human body?

It plays a role in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolisms, particularly improving the effect of insulin, thereby influencing weight regulation.

What causes chromium shortage?

• Little or no food that contains chromium is eaten.
• Cooking and preservation convert chromium into a format that cannot be well absorbed.
• A high sugar content diet accelerates the evacuation of chromium from the body.
• The biological benefits of chromium in an inorganic bond are poor.

What are the symptoms of chromium shortage?
• Unhealthy fat balance with unfavourable cholesterol levels, which are risk factors of certain cardiovascular diseases in the long run.
• Insufficient glucose tolerance, disorders of blood sugar level regulation (unjustified hunger after substantial meals, headache, dizziness).

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Selenium is required for the operation of the body’s antioxidant system. It is particularly important with increased levels of free radicals (e.g. environment harms).
The humic acids in the preparation contribute to the use of trace elements taken in with food.

What roles does it play?

• Helps to maintain tissue elasticity.
• Is required for normal blood coagulation.
• Supports the power of resistance, and antibody production.
• Improves the function of energy-producing cells, e.g. skeletal muscles.
• Literature proves that it is important in the prevention of certain cancers such as that of prostates, anus and lungs.

Is there enough selenium in our foods?

The selenium content of foodstuffs depends, among others, on the selenium content of the soil and the food processing technology. In Hungary, soil tends to be low in selenium.
Vegetables, fruits and grains contain very little selenium. Sea fishes and other animal foodstuffs e.g. liver can be considered a good source of selenium.

What qualifies a low selenium level?

If the daily selenium intake is less than 19 micrograms for adult men, and 13 micrograms for adult women, a serious selenium shortage develops.

HUMICINÆ Se humic acid preparation with selenium
20 µg Se per pill
HUMICINÆ Fe humic acid preparation with iron
3,5 mg Fe per pill
HUMICINÆ Cr humic acid preparation with chromium
30 µg Cr per pill


The natural humic acid content of the preparation contributes to the better use of iron that has been taken in. Iron has an important role in oxygen and carbon dioxide transportation. An unbalanced diet or rigid vegetarianism may also produce an excessively low iron level. The humic acids in the preparation contribute to the use of trace elements taken in with food.

What is the role of iron?

Iron plays several roles in the human organism, with the most important being in red blood cells. It helps to carry oxygen from the lungs, and then carbon dioxide back to the lungs. Iron is also a vital component of some key enzymes, iron-transporting and iron-storing proteins.

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What may cause iron shortage?

• Increased iron requirement: pregnancy, breast-feeding, growth, blood loss.
• A lower than required iron intake.
• Disorders of absorption from the small intestines.
• The symptoms of iron shortage develop after the body’s iron stores are depleted.

What are the symptoms of iron shortage?

• Anemia.
• Reduced physical and mental powers.
• Paleness, feebleness.
• Spoon-shaped nails.
• Headache, somnolence.
• Canker sore, gingivitis.
• Dysorexia.

What foods are good sources of iron?

Particularly meats and chitterlings, but soy flour and apricots also have a high iron content.

How can diet influence the use of iron?

The absorption of iron can be greatly increased by a diet that is rich in vitamin C, while reduced by coffee, tea and grain bran.

Daily dosage:
Unless recommended otherwise by a doctor, chemist or dietician, 2-4 pills per day. For children the quantity must be calculated on the basis of weight.

Important notice.
Do not take HUMICINÆ together with other minerals or trace elements, but two hours earlier or later.
Contains 25 mg (50 pills) in lidded plastic box.

Do you care about your health?

You don’t take food supplements because

you believe that your diet is varied enough?

You don’t buy food supplements because
you think they are just a fad?

You regularly take food supplements because
you are on a constant diet or have an unbalanced diet?

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If you still do not feel perfect, eat a lot of snacks, get tired easily, often have a headache, and your test readings, e.g. cholesterol levels are close to abnormal, read this leaflet. Although a wide range of problems may cause your symptoms, it is worth addressing them from a dietary perspective, in addition to the medical examination of the disorders.
Nutrition is a science.

Did you know that

It is not enough to take nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, because they ensure you health only if absorbed from the intestinal canal?
Some bad habits like smoking or high sugar intake can accelerate the evacuation of trace elements from your body, thereby causing shortages of these?
The conversion of foodstuffs by cooking or preserving may reduce the biological benefits of vitamins and trace elements?
The mineral content of vegetables is subject to the properties of the soil?


Wikipedia: Humic acid

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